During the programmes taking place in fall, especially in November, we can watch and participate in the process of picking olives as well as in the production of olive oil.We will visit private olive groves, we will help spread special nets and we will pick the fruit together with the groves’ owners if we like.

Then we will visit a traditional olive mill where we will have the opportunity to watch the process of oil production.


Finally, we will taste the fresh oil with kneaded bread and other traditional viands on the spot following the customs.

It is surely one of the best experiences you will gain on the island of Karpathos.

No one who has experienced this has ever forgotten it. It is truly worth a try!






From Avlona to Tristomo

From Avlona to Tristomo

Thanks to Evangelia we had a nice hike from Avlona to Tristomo.
It has been a day full of Greek culture, nature, habits, explanation of old way to cultivate.
Evangelia is very well prepared and she will answer all questions about this great island


one day around Olympos

one day around Olympos

Great day perfectly organized by Evangelia.
Fantastic guide really knowing karpathos and with an incredible attitude to transmit "greek" feeling.
Very sweet with our kid. We can't forget her family, her kitten, the baby goat and the hens!
Don't miss Evangelia if you are in Karpathos!


  • Olympos Karpathou, Greece
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