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Traditional Cooking

«A healthy mind in a healthy body»

The Mediterranean diet is scientifically proved to be the healthiest way of acquiring wellness and longevity.

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Karpathos is the source of Mediterranean cuisine. Together we are going to cook its delicious traditional dishes using virgin olive oil, pure honey and biological products from the gardens of Avlona.

During the programmes we will have the opportunity to prepare a delicious, kneaded bread together with the local housewives and light the traditional wood stove to bake it.


We will also make the most widely known traditional dish of Karpathos, the so-called ‘makarounes’ i.e. fresh pasta sprinkled with grated goat cheese and sautéed onion.

We will stuff courgette flowers and grape leaves we will cook goat meat in a casserole and many other traditional dishes.

Finally, we will fry delicious traditional doughnuts (loukoumades) topped with the pure honey of Karpathos!