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From Avlona to Tristomo

From Avlona to Tristomo

Thanks to Evangelia we had a nice hike
from Avlona to Tristomo.
It has been a day full of Greek culture, nature,
habits, explanation of old way to cultivate.
Evangelia is very well prepared
and she will answer all questions
about this great island


one day around Olympos

one day around Olympos

Great day perfectly organized by Evangelia.
Fantastic guide really knowing karpathos
and with an incredible attitude to transmit
"greek" feeling. Very sweet with our kid.
We can't forget her family, her kitten,
the baby goat and the hens!
Don't miss Evangelia if you are in Karpathos!

Lise Wearing, Canada:

Lise Wearing, Canada:

We loved:
- the variety and originality of experiences
- our guides's deep knowledge and love of
the island
- amazing local food catering to our
vegetarian preferences
- comfortable and spacious accomodation
- expert and professional guiding
- always going the extra mile to make sure
we are.more than satisfied.
We love Ecotourism Karpathos and highly
recommend it!
Jim and Lise Wearing

Paola Grandi, Italy

Paola Grandi, Italy

Arrivarci a piedi nei posti ha un sapore
tutto speciale...trekking a Karpathos.
Oggi con l'aiuto di Evangelia di Ecotourism
Karpathos, una guida ambientale
bravissima, molto professionale,disponibile
e simpatica. Da Lastos a Kato Lefkos...
giro molto suggestivo e alla fine
un mare stupendo.

Helene Sakellarides, France

Helene Sakellarides, France

une jeune et belle équipe locale pour vous
guider dans l'organisation
de tout votre séjour NATURE
à karpathos depuis votre arrivée à
l'aéroport y compris le logement et les
randonnées et les transports.....le mieux
étant d'arriver par bateau à diafani...
un privilège suprême!

Jeremy Stamas,USA

Jeremy Stamas,USA

We had a great experience with
Ecotourism Karpathos. Evangelia's
knowledge about the history,
culture, and environment of northern
Karpathos is incredible, and it made our
time on the island truly special.
Her walking tour of Olympos and her
guided hikes were full of insights and
details you won't find in any guidebook.
It was a perfect way to see and
experience the less-visited areas of
this amazing island.

Tori Nicole, USA

Tori Nicole, USA

My husband, 11 month old, and I had
a phenomenal time with
Ecotourism Karpathos.
We were met at our hotel and
given a tour of the island
as we drove to Olympos.
By traveling in a small group,
we were able to get a more
intimate view of the village.
We met local women and even came
across the priest in Olympos’ main church.
One of our favorite highlights
was visiting the small farming village
a few minutes down the road
and seeing dry farming in action.
The tour exceeded our expectations!

Hilary Chan, USA

Hilary Chan, USA

We spent a most unforgettable weekend
at the end of September in Karpathos.
Stayed 3 nights in the traditional village
of Olympos, with our own private view of Aegean
sunset, and a chance to chat with
local crafts people before the arrival of
daytime tourists. Evangelia and her
company have provided us with airport
transfer to the hotel, a driven guided
tour of the rest of the
island, which included a visit to the
church of Panagia Vrisiani in Mesochori,
and hands-on lessons in the making
of traditional country
bread baked in a wood fired
communal brick oven.
Evangelia had also arranged, per our
request, lessons in a traditional
folk dance called Pano Horos,


  • Olympos Karpathou, Greece
  • +30 6949935881

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